7.1. Symptom Management: Gastrointestinal


It is not clear if enzyme therapy will adequately control gastrointestinal symptoms. There is some preliminary evidence that it decreases the symptoms, particularly the diarrhea, but other therapies may also be needed. For diarrhea one of the useful things is just a stool thickener, which while not completely eliminate the stool urgency does allow enough time to get to the bathroom and avoids an accident which is important to the patients. For the patients with Gastroparesis Promotility which will manifest primarily as nausea, promotility agents such as metoclopramide can be useful, for the severe nausea peppermint oil can also be an effective therapy in some cases. I’ve also had a number of patients report that eating a healthy diet that’s high in vegetables, low in fats helps them. And, it is very important because gastrointestinal complaints are very common in children to look for other causes of the gastrointestinal symptoms, and if identified,  treat those causes.





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